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At Applelec, we’re working hard behind the scenes to put in place measures to help us improve as a company our impact on the environment.

As of the end of this year and moving into 2022, we are adopting more eco-conscious approaches for our processes to help minimise our contribution to environmental issues.

We have already launched a highly eco-friendly lighting solution with the release of our new 100% recycled Green Applelec LED Light Sheet, which is manufactured in the UK and utilises recycled and recyclable materials. As a result, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet significantly reduces its contribution towards co2 emissions, Air Acidification and Eutrophication.

Along with a lighting solution that is kinder on the planet, we have also looked at other initiatives that will help offset our carbon footprint. For this, we have teamed up with the fantastic JUST ONE Tree organisation where we are donating to their reforestation scheme.

This has already begun with us utilising the money that we would have spent on our printed Christmas cards for our clients, to be used instead as our first contribution, where we have planted 100 trees for this important cause.

And this is only the start...

2022 will see a focus on sustainability for Applelec. Our eco-friendly pledge is our promise to look at ways, big and small, to influence four key areas, Nature, Climate, Waste and Manufacturing. As part of this, we will be continuing the reforestation scheme into next year, planting a tree for every eco-friendly lighting solution order.

What’s more, we’ll be introducing adjustments within the day-to-day running of Applelec, along with new staff initiatives as a combined effort to reduce our impact on the environment.

We will be closely monitoring the success and outcome of these changes, so pop back to visit our webpage for updates, as well as keeping your eyes peeled for our Applelec Eco Friendly Pledge badge that will be used with our progress updates and new eco solutions.


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