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SloanLED from Applelec Lighting for unique lighting design schemes.



  • Powerful, bright illumination

  • 5-year warranty 

  • IP66 rated

  • Lightweight & sleek

  • Wide choice of LED colour options

  • Easy to install


Other LED manufacturers user cheaper components and maximise the potential brightness of their products at the expense of longevity, overdriving the LEDs for instant gratification, while sacrificing sustainability and endurance. SloanLED uses the highest calibre components in order to offer a superior product with the longest lifespan.


Delivering powerful, bright illumination, SloanLED LED systems uses optically clear lenses, meaning more of the light leaves the product, leading to greater efficiency and a wider distribution of light.

Featuring optically clear lenses with an impressive 360° light output, SloanLED delivers bright and powerful illumination. The superior engineering of this LED solution enables more light to emanate from the product, leading to greater efficiency and a wider distribution of light. 


The super lightweight construction of SloanLED LED systems enables challenging and inspired lighting design schemes to be achieved, such as large scale architectural lighting designs that create a striking focal point.


 As part of our dedicated customer support offering, Applelec Lighting provide a free LED layout for all our clients to ensure accuracy with lighting design projects.

SloanLED architectural lighting solution.
SloanLED modules





SloanLED from Applelec Lighting for retail design schemes.
SloanLED eco friendly lighting solution for architectural lighting schemes.
SloanLED architectural lighting solution from Applelec Lighting.
Applelec Lighting architectural lighting solutions.

A powerful back-illuminating solution, SloanLED BrightLINE is sleek in design, adding virtually no depth to lighting installations. 

The LED system has been designed with ease of installation in mind for uncomplicated application, delivering a practical LED solution that delivers an eye-catching finish. 

Bringing fabric surface materials to life, the LED solution can be integrated to provide bright illumination to decorative lightboxes and lighting schemes for impressive and inspired light installations.

SloanLED PosterBOX ID illuminates decorative and architectural lightboxes up to 3m. Featuring SloanLED’s premium, high performance optics, this LED system is the brightest option in its class.

SloanLED FlexiBRITE is a high performance, architectural lighting product that houses powerful LEDs. This extremely flexible, LED neon system can be easily shaped to create striking contour lighting.


The LED system's pliable tubing is produced from an optically modified silicone which can be bent in a flat bend of 25mm and a radial bend to 305mm. The product can be used across a variety of illumination projects such as architectural, perimeter, canopy


SloanLED ColourLINE is high performance, neon-style, architectural lighting product that houses powerful LEDs and is available in available in 2.4m lengths in a wide variety of colour options. The rigid, LED tube system helps to create increased awareness to buildings and canopies, delivering a striking faux neon effect. 

The LED system is available completely assembled as well as sealed, ready for installation, and can be cut for added convenience.


The neon-style system is manufactured from hard waring, UV resistant, non-fading acrylic and the encapsulated linear LED system carries an IP66 protection class, ensuring suitability for internal and external applications.


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