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Applelec Lighting offers free and insightful training sessions for designers and architects.


Educational seminars designed to pique your interest
At Applelec Lighting, we offer a wide range of  CPDs as well as product training sessions to help support our clients by providing in-depth and insightful information about our backlighting solutions, and how these can be incorporated within lighting designs to deliver unique and inspired illuminated schemes. 

Nothing beats seeing a product in the flesh
Which is why our seminars provide a hands on and interactive approach, encouraging attendees to play around with our backlighting products to better understand their construction, how they work, as well as to put their capabilities to the test. 

Sound good? Here is a selection of our most popular training sessions:




Specified by lighting designers and architects including Nulty+, DPA Lighting Consultants and Foster + Partners, Applelec LED Light Sheet has built a reputation as the go-to backlighting lumi sheet panel amongst the design industry. 

For this seminar, we explore how seamless backlighting is achieved using a light panel source and how the made-to-measure aspect enables the lumi sheet panel to be adapted to suit specific lighting design projects and accommodate complex schemes

We’ll be covering: 

-    The creative benefits of Applelec LED Light Sheet
-    Its made-to-measure properties
-    How the light panel can be created in a variety of shapes

-    The range of profile depths to accommodate differing              lighting designs
-    In-depth information on the scope of LED options from             white to colour changing  
-    Where Applelec LED Light Sheet can be integrated from          retail displays to bar and countertop designs
-    How to integrate the light panel to achieve powerful and         seamless backlighting for decorative surface materials 



Want a seminar that combines all of our backlighting solutions into one handy training session? Then look no further, Applelec Lighting’s Lunch + Learn has been designed to explore how our array of lighting products can be integrated into lighting design projects as well as how our various LED systems can be utilised together to create coordinated schemes. 

We’ll be covering: 


- An overview of our exciting and versatile backlighting range

- How to integrate these LED systems to deliver beautiful and    inspired designs



Exploring the exciting capabilities of Auragami from Applelec Lighting, this seminar takes a look at how this lighting technology can be utilised to help bridge the gap for complex lighting design schemes.


We'll be discussing how the impressive light tile can deliver flawless and powerful backlighting to notoriously hard to illuminate dense surface material or integrated over awkward fixtures with sharp edges such as shelving and units. As well as this, we'll be disusing how Auragami from Applelec Lighting can help accommodate any last minute project alterations.

We’ll be covering: 


-    All there is to know about the construction, features and           usability of Auragami
-    The advantages of using this flexible lighting technology         to achieve unique lighting designs
-    How the light panel can be easily tailored by you on site         to accommodate any project alterations or unforeseen             obstacles
-    The fixing method of this light panel, which has been               designed with complete ease of installation in mind

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