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Famed for their candy smelling shoes, the unique and modern concept for Galeria Melissa's Convent Garden flagship store was created by acclaimed designer Muti Randolph, which features a number of art installations inspired by light, movement and colour.

As you enter the Covent Garden store, you are greeted with a kinetic art installation formed of 21 illuminated cases suspended from the ceiling, which move independently in an upwards and downwards motion. Providing backlighting for the installation, Applelec LED Light Sheet was specified, where our bespoke light panel was integrated into each of the display cases for the iconic shoes.

In the largest space of the Galeria store sits an impressive u-shaped sculptural tunnel wall, which features 64 apertures covered in mirrored glass. Behind the wall of glass are 64 display cases housing a range of Melissa shoes and each box clad with Corian backlit with Applelec LED Light Sheet.

This project was so inspired and a brilliant example of how art and light work in perfect unison to deliver an impactful design.


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