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Working with material and light, artist Margaret O’Rorke combines porcelain with Applelec LED Light Sheet to create the elegant and unique decorative light artwork, The Cloud.

'My inspiration begins at the potter’s wheel,

looking for ways of letting the form happen through

the nature of the material as the wheel turns.’

Margaret has done much to stretch, literally and metaphorically, the structure of translucent porcelain, utilising the material to channel light to curate beautifully illuminated, sculptural works of art. Embodying this approach is Margaret’s bespoke light art piece, The Cloud.

Created from a series of delicate porcelain discs, each circular form features intricate patterns swirled into the individual sections of material. Designed to accommodate varying installations, The Cloud has been created with the facility to reconfigure the arrangement, offering different combinations and shapes.


Margaret O’Rorke said: ‘The Cloud was inspired by an invitation from renowned lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen Lighting to have an exhibition within their Copenhagen showroom. The light artwork is formed when the soft porcelain is thrown as thinly as possible and a flat tool is swept gently over the surface of the material, creating spirals in slightly different thicknesses.’


Further emphasising the different depths and detailing within the porcelain discs, Applelec LED Light Sheet was chosen to provide backlighting for The Cloud. Created to bespoke specification, the slim light panel was engineered to nestle neatly behind the artwork and precisely follow the convex shape of the light art piece. Producing a soft and pleasant glow, Applelec LED Light Sheet was selected in 3000K LED option, creating warm and gentle backlighting that complements the pearly colouring of the semi translucent porcelain material.


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