Updated: Sep 30

A beautiful shop frontage, the impressive, illuminated display has been created with Auragami from Applelec Lighting.

Featuring powerful LEDs, the backlighting solution delivers bright and flawless illumination that helps the shop frontage stand out amongst the parade of retail units and create a commanding focal point.

The lighting project utilises Auragami from Applelec Lighting in its cool 6500K LED option to achieve a crisp and fresh installation that complements the sophisticated aesthetics of the shop’s brand.

Due to the sheer size of the shop frontage, multiple panels were required to scale up the backlighting scheme, to shroud the fascia in seamless illumination. As Auragami from Applelec Lighting features a convenient quick connect facility, the light design project was achieved by connecting multiple Auragami from Applelec Lighting panels together to increase the surface coverage and deliver a premium finish to the installation.

As Auragami from Applelec Lighting carries an IP65 protection rating, this meant the lighting solution was ideal for an outside location, helping to create a visually stimulating, memorable and creative design.

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