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SloanLED from Applelec Lighting was specified as part of the major £30m renovation works for Nottingham Castle.

Re-opened in 2021, Nottingham Castle underwent an extensive refurbishment programme, involving significant mechanical and electrical reworks, specialist restoration, improved access to the site’s underground cave network as well as a new visitors’ centre. With upgraded attractions, displays and facilities, Nottingham Castle is expected to welcome over 300,000 visitors a year.

Celebrating the rich history and heritage of Nottinghamshire, the castle features many galleries and exhibitions where the various displayed artefacts are set within atmospheric spaces, designed by dha designs to help set the scene for a more immersive visitor experience.

Helping to achieve this, SloanLED from Applelec Lighting was utilised to create backlit feature pieces within the Craft Gallery room, which houses Nottingham’s world-famous alabaster sculptures. As part of the exhibition space, vast lightboxes were installed with flexible prints that replicate stained-glass window designs as well as how the castle’s reinstated arch window would look, creating an authentic backdrop to the alabaster statues.

Specified in 6500K LED option, the lightboxes added bright accents within the softly lit room, and the cool backlighting from the LED solution mimics the appearance of daylight flooding through the faux windows. Allowing the lighting levels to be adjusted, the BrightLINE systems were paired with LTECH controllers from Applelec Lighting to enable the lightboxes to be dimmed when required to create more subdued backlighting.

Tony Jackson managing director at KBL said: ‘BrightLINE from Applelec Lighting was the ideal system for this project as the lightboxes were exceptionally shallow at just 60mm depths. The slim LED solutions fitted perfectly within the challenging location, and achieved a flawless finish for the faux window designs. The system couldn’t have been easier to fit, with Applelec Lighting pre-mounting the BrightLINE solutions ready for an extremely quick installation.’


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