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Applelec Lighting worked with Parametric Walls to deliver a striking, architectural lighting feature wall within the newly developed co-working space, Nest at Glasshouse, Alderley Park.

Applelec Lighting architectural lighting solutions

A £30 million development, Glasshouse is home to over 60 tech companies and forms part of the 400-acre Alderley Park site. Situated within Glasshouse, Nest is the latest expansion of the sci-tech park providing a practical co-working space with a modern scheme devised by design studio, Space Invader.

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With wellbeing and comfort at the centre of Space Invader’s design, Nest features strong biophilia themes, creating a subterranean feel and calming aesthetics. Encompassing this is Nest’s Wellness Suite breakout area, which includes a state-of-the-art Yoga Room at the heart of the suite. Providing a sanctuary for workers, the room invites guests into the space with its peaceful ambience, achieved by the vast and gently diffused, illuminated feature wall.

Workspace design Applelec Lighting architectural lighting solutions

Running the full length of the Yoga Room, the 9x3m installation was created by Parametric Walls and displays the unique Hive pattern conceived by designer M|R Walls. Emitting a gentle glow, the large feature wall is back-illuminated with SloanLED from Applelec Lighting in RGBW LED option. Delivering soft but saturated colour, the backlighting runs through a spectrum of elegant, pastel hues that are diffused through the Corian material, bathing the installation in light and creating a soothing atmosphere.

Office design bespoke lighting solutions Applelec Lighting

Further enhancing the detailing of the etched Hive pattern, the backlighting delivers emphasis, depths and shadowing, whilst creating different effects as the illumination run through the various colour options. Providing programmable functionality, the LED solution was paired with LTECH lighting control gear to enable the illumination levels and colour displays to be adjusted as desired to set different ambiences for the space.

Ian Drinkwater director of Parametric Walls said: ‘This is another successful project where design and lighting work effectively with one another to create this versatile and visually striking installation. The architectural lighting solution sat 100mm behind the Corian solid surface, provided by CDUK, creating an interesting 3D effect to the abstract design.’


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