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Applelec Lighting is a UK lighting manufacturer.



  • UK manufactured - short lead times

  • Complete lighting design freedom

  • Created to bespoke specification

  • Ease of installation

  • DALI/DMX, Bluetooth/WiFi controls compatible

  • One panel: static white, Tuneable White, RGB, RGBW, RGBWW


Superior in engineering and construction, Applelec LED Light Sheet RGBWW light panel is manufactured with our etched dot pattern, guaranteeing illumination is evenly distributed across the entire panel for consistent, uniformed backlighting.


Constructed with our patented heat sink technology, the RGBWW light panel effectively dissipates heat generated from the LEDs, ensuring the panel will never run hot when installed correctly. This functionality delivers longevity of install and piece of mind for product quality and reliability that no other lumi sheet panel can provide.


Featuring pioneering lighting technology, Applelec LED Light Sheet RGBWW is the latest architectural lighting solution from UK lighting manufacturer Applelec Lighting, as part of our premium, lumi sheet offering.

Manufactured at our West Yorkshire premises to bespoke specification, the RGBWW lumi sheet guarantees the same high-quality light output designers expect and trust from our Applelec LED Light Sheet range.

A highly versatile backlighting solution, Applelec LED Light Sheet can be integrated behind beautiful surface materials, elevating the appearance by bringing colour and detailing to life.


An exceptionally sophisticated architectural lumi sheet, Applelec LED Light Sheet RGBWW features static white LEDs (3000K-6000K), Tuneable White, RGB and RGBW all within one panel, with the facility to switch or combine these various lighting functionalities to create unique illuminated schemes.  

Providing complete lighting design freedom, the Tuneable White feature creates a stunning ebb and flow of warm to cool white backlighting, whilst the RGB option adds a pop of vivid, colour rich illumination. Softening the colour palette, the RGBW option provides an array of elegant pastel shades for a gentle, swash of colour to illuminated schemes.


Further widening the pastel colour options, the Tuneable White and RGBW can be combined to create RGBWW, which provides a warm and cool variation for each of the pastel hues. For more specific lighting requirements, the intelligent RGBWW LEDs can be programmed to any pantone, achieving flawless and exact colour matches for designs.   


Applelec LED Light Sheet is a UK manufactured product 

Applelec Lighting is part of the made in Britain community for British manufacturers.

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