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As a responsible lighting manufacturer, we’re working hard behind the scenes to continue putting in place measures to help us minimise our impact on the environment and become a more sustainable organisation. 

We began looking more keenly into sustainability back in 2018 where we set up an internal Carbon Footprint Committee. This was devised to enable us to have a dedicated team to focus on the eco requirements of the lighting industry and begin developing solutions that would improve our products, materials, and manufacturing processes. 

One such example is with alterations made to the manufacturing procedures for our architectural lighting solution, Applelec LED Light Sheet. After running Life Cycle Analysis on our LED light sheet, we identified areas where we could improve upon our carbon footprint as well as reduce our impact on the environment, and from our ongoing research and product development, we have engineered an eco-friendlier alternative, with Green Applelec LED Light Sheet.

Helping to provide a more sustainable product, the light panel has been designed in such a way that the unit can be completely disassembled to enable all elements of the lighting solution to be re-used or recycled. Along with this, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet utilises recycled acrylic as standard, which reduces our carbon footprint, as well as features more eco-friendly components with our most efficient LEDs. Embedded with 9w/m 24V diodes, the LEDs deliver 175 lm/w, making them 35% more energy efficient than our standard LEDs.

Further lowering our carbon footprint, our eco-friendly, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet panel is manufactured at our premises in West Yorkshire. As a result of being a made in Britain product, this helps to significantly reduce contribution towards global emissions when compared against similar lighting products being shipped from overseas where inevitably the CO2 impact will be greater. 

Along with our product development to provide more sustainable options, we have partnered with the non-profit organisation JUST ONE Tree where we are donating to their reforestation scheme. This runs in tandem with our environmentally friendly products, where every sustainable lighting solution ordered, a tree will be planted on our clients’ behalf, helping to make a tangible difference. 

Find out more about our sustainable practices.

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