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We catch up with Applelec Lighting's Head of Architectural Lighting, Terrie Hampson-Powell on all things retail design.

How has the role of lighting in the store changed over the years?

More than just a source of illumination, lighting has become a crucial element for retail design, serving more than just a functional purpose of simply illuminating a space, lighting design within visual merchandising is a vital consideration to ensure a positive shopping experience, as well as help influence the customer journey.  The importance of creating these positive customer journeys can be the difference between shoppers stepping through retailers’ doors or walking straight past.

To grab potential shoppers’ attention, unique and exciting illuminated feature pieces, along with impressive displays can help create intrigue and a sense of curiosity that entices people into the store. Through utilising bespoke, architectural lighting solutions such as LED Light Sheet panels, which can be manufactured in numerous shapes, sizes, and with various LED options can really help push design boundaries to deliver memorable display pieces that create that element of wonder that leaves a lasting impression, encouraging repeat custom. 

Which of our architectural lighting solutions are best suited to the retail environment and why?

Our architectural lighting solutions are highly versatile and are ideal for integration within a retail environment to help deliver desired aesthetics and memorable lighting displays. For example, the lightweight construction of our range of SloanLED LED modules and systems can be fitted to create striking illuminated schemes such as backlit ceiling installations or our bespoke light panel, Applelec LED Light Sheet can be used within flooring to deliver a stunning and unique lighting design.

Nulty lighting design retail design.jpg
SloanLED from Applelec Lighting for retail design (1).jpg

As our Applelec LED Light Sheet is a made-to-measure lighting solution, the design possibilities are endless, from delivering seamless backlighting for display shelves to creating impactful, illuminated feature walls and centre pieces.


On a more technical level, Applelec LED Light Sheet is available in high CRI 90+ to guarantee displayed products and colour-critical items are showcased accurately. As well as this, Applelec LED Light Sheet is embedded with thermally managed LEDs, ensuring the panel runs cool to the touch so displayed products do not incur any heat damage. 

Helping to bridge the gap for complex lighting designs, Auragami from Applelec Lighting is an extremely flexible backlighting solution that can be folded at a 90° angle, covering display shelving in flawless backlighting, or wrapped around columns to provide bright illumination for display pillars. Due to the construction of Auragami from Applelec Lighting, the light tile delivers powerful backlighting to heavy surface material such as stone and marble, helping to add that extra touch of luxury to display schemes. 

Can you tell us about some successful case studies where these products have been used in a retail application and how this has enhanced the customer experience?

We’ve been fortunate to have been involved in so many fantastic retail lighting design projects over the years, where our lighting solutions have been integrated in creative and unusual ways. Such as with Galeria Melissa, which features a kinetic installation formed of 21 illuminated cases that utilised Applelec LED Light Sheet. The display feature, which move independently in an upwards and downwards motion, delivered an art gallery esque atmosphere and a truly novel experience for shoppers, demonstrating how retail display can really push design boundaries.

Another example features Auragami from Applelec Lighting, which was recently used to create an impactful shop frontage for the luxury retailers, London Jewelers. Featuring a vast, illuminated façade to the entrance way, the light tile was integrated behind the high-level fascia, providing a commanding focal point amongst the parade of retailers, and creating an opulent experience for shoppers.

Applelec Lighting lighting design retail display.jpg
Applelec Lighting Applelec LED Light Sheet retail display visual merchandising.jpg
Body Studio selfridges Applelec LED Light Sheet.jpg

Find out more about our architectural lighting range.

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