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Head of Architectural Lighting, Terrie Hampson-Powell discusses ways homeowners can integrate  variety of architectural lighting solutions to adjust and refresh designs and alter aesthetics.

We explore ways homeowners can integrate a variety of architectural lighting solutions to adjust and refresh designs and alter aesthetics. Lighting is naturally an important aspect for any home, both from a functional perspective as well as for setting a desired ambience. Whilst still incorporating this necessity, homeowners can look at ways of using lighting more creatively within interior schemes to reinvigorate their space.

Helping to accommodate creative lighting design requirements, lighting products such as LED Light Sheet panels are extremely versatile and can be utilised to create bespoke illuminated schemes in any room of the house. 

With kitchens still being the hub of the house, homeowners may look at ways to revitalise this shared space by integrating LED panels within kitchen islands and cooker splashbacks to backlight surface material, creating contemporary and distinctive illuminated sections. 

Architectural lighting solutions Applelec Lighting.jpg

As light panels can be created with a range of LED options, creative lighting can be further achieved with the use of RGB LEDs for adventurous backlighting schemes that deliver a bold and colourful statement throughout the home. As outdoor spaces have taken on renewed importance, homeowners can look to extend their creative lighting design to their garden areas by integrating LED Light Sheet panels into landscape or garden designs along with utilising this lighting product to create beautiful, backlit ornamental pieces.

Creative lighting for residential schemes further enables homeowners to add their personal stamp and produce stunning lighting features, from small to large scale, that further reflects their personality. 

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