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LED technology is constantly evolving, and these exciting product developments help to widen creative opportunities for designers.

Gone are the days when designers would be restricted to a small selection of white colour temperatures, instead there is now a plethora of kelvin options, RGB styles and programmable LEDs for creating stunning lighting schemes.

An exciting product development for Applelec Lighting was the introduction of Individually Addressable LEDs and Tuneable White for our Applelec LED Light Sheet offering.

Enabling each diode to be programmed, Individually Addressable creates mesmerising swirls of colours and quirky illuminated chase sequences for eye-catching light installations. The Tuneable White or Dynamic White option is programmed to run through our wide range of white colour temperatures, all within a single Applelec LED Light Sheet panel, achieving a sophisticated ebb and flow of cool to warm white illumination.

These LED advancements help to push design boundaries for creating unique light installations, such as M+R’s inspired light art sculpture, Dawn. Constructed from Applelec LED Light Sheet, the installation combines artistry with LED technology. 

Each wing-shaped Applelec LED Light Sheet blade was embedded with individually programmed LED strips, where a beautiful palette of colours where created, sequencing from sky-blues and soft greys to subtle whites, to mimic the movement of clouds drifting across the sky.

Discover our LED, architectural lighting solution range.

Applelec LED light Sheet light panel.jpg
Applelec LED Light Sheet bespoke lighting design light art.jpg.jpg
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