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Updated: Jul 26, 2023

We’re proud to have been invited to sponsor and supply architectural lighting solutions for the creation of the light installation entitled Virga, which was built by students and faculty members from VCUarts Qatar in collaboration with design studio Atelier La Juntana.

Inspired by the Virga cloud formations - precipitation that fall from the underside of a cloud but evaporate before reaching the earth's surface - participants designed a 3D geometry for a floating lamp.

Each design has a unique geometry achieved by bespoke CNC MDF moulds and 3D printed rings at the base and top.

"When assembled, the bent-wood curves create a family of related but distinct forms, each lit by a custom-fabricated LED light source, made-to-order by UK lighting and signage firm Applelec.”

Bringing light to the beautiful lamps, we provided a range of our architectural lighting solutions, which are fitted within the structures to help achieve a delicately diffused glow.

As featured on Dezeen, click the link to read the full story on how this inspired installation was achieved.


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