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Light artists Kinetech Design selected Applelec LED Light Sheet to bring illumination to the vast 6m diameter Royal Approval installation.



Providing back illumination, Applelec LED Light Sheet RGB was created to bespoke specification to fit neatly behind the aluminium material and precisely follow the circular form of the Royal Approval framework.

As though glowing from within, light sliced through the apertures of the installation and radiated against the aluminium material, emphasising the kiri- origami design of the structure. Illumination helped further connect the installation to its surroundings, where vivid, colourful light flooded its location, creating a dramatic centre piece at nightfall.

Balint Bolygo, co-founder at Kinetech Design said: ‘For illuminating Royal Approval, we wanted the lighting element to feel homogeneous with the overall design of the installation, and not appear as a separate entity. The lightweight and slim 8mm profile of Applelec LED Light Sheet enabled us to integrate the light panel seamlessly into the structure and effortlessly achieve this desired effect.’


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