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at award winning architectural practice DLA Design Group...

As part of a recent creative experiment, Applelec supplied the Leeds team of the award winning architectural practice DLA Design Group with tuneable white and RGB Applelec LED Light Sheet panels to provide illumination for the inspired Cloud installation housed at their city centre studio.

Curated by Swedish designer Monica Forster, The Cloud is a portable workspace created from a semi transparent, nylon material, which once inflated reaches a generous span of 2300mm x 4000mm. Devised to promote creative thinking and well- being in the workplace, the Cloud provides a relaxing space for resting as well as to aid concentration and creativeness.

Providing muted and calming illumination, Applelec LED Light Sheet further supported the tranquil aesthetics of the Cloud. Delivering a soft glow, the tuneable white LED panel ran through a series of cool to warm white colour temperatures and the RGB LED Light Sheet delivered a wide spectrum of soothing colours which gently illuminated against the lightweight material of the Cloud, creating an inviting and inspiring space.

The Cloud uses a minimal amount of material and generates minimum waste, providing a highly sustainable installation.


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