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Buro Happold selected Applelec LED Light Sheet RGBW to bring illumination to their light art installation for the [d]arc awards’ darc night event.

Entitled. ‘My Life is a Movie’, the concept for the installation was to enable people to star in their own film, in a genre of their choosing. The installation was inspired by lighting techniques used in the film industry and Buro Happold played with the colour, direction and intensity of the light source to create three distinct film genres; horror, romance and sci-fi, creating an interactive and immersive installation that highlighted the importance light has in creating mood and atmosphere within film.

To achieve this, Applelec LED Light Sheet RGBW was selected from Applelec Lighting’s architectural, backlighting range as the light panel could be programmed to display a variety of colour rich illumination or bright white to set the scene.

Minimising the impact the installation had on the environment, the luminaires were created from Applelec Lighting’s existing samples and will continue to be re-used by Applelec Lighting for future events and exhibitions.


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