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Our gardens serve many purposes, from providing a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to being a space to entertain guests and socialise with friends.

Helping to maximise the appearance of our outdoor areas, lighting can be utilised in a variety of ways to accommodate differing styles, from providing functional step and pathway illumination to being used to create imaginative, one-off lighting design pieces.

These unique lighting features can be achieved by opting for bespoke lighting solutions such as LED Light Sheet, where the panels can be manufactured for external applications in a variety of shapes and sizes, helping to push design boundaries. For example, LED light panels can be fitted behind decorative surface material to create beautiful, backlit ornamental artworks or integrated within furniture design such as seating areas, delivering a bold and modern statement piece.

To achieve the perfect design, LED Light Sheet panels can be embedded with a wide variety of LEDs, including a large scope of white colour temperatures and RGB options, to complement surroundings and help set the desired atmosphere.


For further design flexibility, light panels can be created in tuneable white where the backlighting solution can run through the LED kelvin options, all within the same panel, achieving a sophisticated ebb and flow of cool to warm white back-illumination. Taking design flexibility one step further, LED Light Sheet panels can be paired with lighting control systems, such as dimmers to enable the illuminated features to be seamlessly adjusted to the changes in natural light levels, creating ambient illumination during both day and night-time hours.

Get inspired with Applelec LED Light Sheet.

Applelec Lighting design residential design.jpg
Applelec LED Light Sheet.jpg
Applelec LED Light Sheet lighting design.jpg
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