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Task, accent and ambient lighting when combined help achieve a well-rounded illuminated scheme that also facilitates various activities within different environments.

An example of where these three lighting styles work harmoniously in particular is residential lighting design, where rooms within a home tend to be multi-usage. With the wide variety of LED solutions available, such as LED Light Sheet panels and LED linear profiles, task, accent and ambient lighting can be implemented in imaginative and creative ways and be further complemented with the integration of LED controllers.

With the residential lighting project example, for instance the kitchen area is a space with different purposes, from food prep to relaxing and socialising. To facilitate this, LED Light Sheet panels can be integrated underneath worktop and splashback surface materials to deliver practical and creative task lighting, as well as provide a striking decorative piece that gentle glows when activities are completed. 

This combined with LED linear profile lights, which can be recessed into ceilings and walls, or positioned to emphasise different features within the room provide additional ambient and accent lighting styles. This layered lighting approach helps to achieve a balanced illuminated space and this principle is relevant throughout the house from home offices to bathrooms to lounge areas.

With the addition of LED control systems, design flexibility can be taken one step further with the freedom to seamlessly adjust the individual lighting levels within the same space, shifting from soft lighting for setting desired aesthetic, to brighter focus lighting as and when required.

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