• Powerful, bright illumination for backlighting surface material

  • Available in a wide range of LED colour options

  • Carries an impressive 10 year warranty

  • IP66 rating

  • Lightweight construction enabling complex lighting schemes to be achieved

Delivering powerful, bright illumination, SloanLED Prism LED modules uses optically clear lenses, meaning more of the light leaves the product, leading to greater efficiency and a wider distribution of light.

Ensuring lighting design aesthetics are met, SloanLED Prism is available in a wide range of RGB options including, red, orange, green and blue, along with a choice of white colour temperatures, from warm white LEDs to achieve a soft and gentle illuminated space, to cool white colour temperatures to deliver a bright and crisp lighting scheme: 

7100K, 6500K, 5000K, 4000K and 3000K

The super lightweight construction of

SloanLED Prism LED modules enables challenging and inspired lighting design schemes to be achieved, such as stunning ceiling installations for unique lighting designs that create a striking focal point.

As well as this, SloanLED Prism modules carry an IP66 rating, making the LED systems ideal for external applications.

Highly energy efficient to run, SloanLED Prism are an extremely environmentally friendly lighting solution and carry an impressive 10 year warranty, guaranteeing both a high quality finish and longevity of installation. 

As part of our dedicated customer support offering, Applelec Lighting provide a free LED layout for all our clients to ensure accuracy with lighting design projects.

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