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We are proud to be the exclusive UK suppliers of SloanLED and to pass these benefits on to our clients by providing superior and high performing LED modules and solutions to enable stunning and unique lighting design schemes to be achieved.

SloanLED is renowned for their high performing, powerful LED solutions that pack a punch. Delivering superior engineering, the modules and solutions feature ground-breaking technology that maximises light output, producing brighter and more efficient illumination.

A versatile backlighting range, the LED modules and solutions are ideal for a wide variety of applications. Lightweight in construction, SloanLED systems enable challenging light installations to be created, such as ceiling installations for inspired lighting designs. 


​SloanLED modules and systems carry an impressive 10 year warranty, guaranteeing both quality and longevity of installation. As part of our dedicated customer support offering, Applelec Lighting provide a free LED layout for all our clients to ensure accuracy with lighting design projects.

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