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Celebrating 15 years of our UK manufactured Applelec LED Light Sheet, our bespoke light panel has brought light to hospitality, retail and office space designs.



Manufactured at our West Yorkshire premises, we continually review and modify the engineering of our light panel to improve its capabilities. Incorporating the latest in lighting technology, we select more advanced LEDs such as our new RGBW 3000K and 57000K LED options, to consistently supply a superior backlighting panel.


With Applelec LED Light Sheet being a made in Britain solution, we can pass on the benefits of this by delivering extremely short lead times and ensuring quality control checks are fulfilled. Providing additional assurance, Applelec LED Light Sheet now features a newly advanced 5-year warranty, guaranteeing both quality and longevity of installation.


Complementing our premium product, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our team of product specialists deliver first-rate technical knowledge and advice to ensure lighting project requirements are seamlessly met. Along with our office-based team who work closely with designers, our field specialists can assist on-site, as well as provide install, control and wiring support plus product fitting guidance.

Delivering a superior offering, Applelec LED Light Sheet has built a reputation as the go-to backlighting solution for designers.


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