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ME Hotel

A hotel fully designed by Foster + Partners - both inside and out - has resulted in a continuity of architecture based on a monochromatic concept of dark and light.

ChapmanBDSP worked closely with the architects on a lighting scheme where much of the feature lighting was integrated within bespoke furniture and interior designs.

Located on the first floor, within the soaring volume of a nine storey high pyramid, is the main reception and Atrium Champagne Bar. Bespoke lighting solutions were built to suit the requirements of the space and included the champagne ice tray which featured perimeter edges illuminated with Applelec LED Light Sheet.

Farhad Rahim of ChapmanBDSP said: ‘We had used Applelec LED Light Sheet in work for Molton Brown where its thermal LED management ensured products could be displayed without heat damage. For the Atrium Bar, Marconi Lounge and STK Restaurant, we again selected this bespoke product.’

The cool operation of Applelec LED Light Sheet ensured it could be integrated within the perimeter of the triangular tray. Created with an IP67 rating, three Applelec LED Light Sheet panels with flame polished edges at each joining point were specified to aid the even distribution light. The ice itself was illuminated from below with fibre optic lighting heads located within drain holes.

In the Marconi Lounge, the bar counter includes an illuminated surface with integrated Applelec LED Light Sheet overlaid with frosted glass. In the STK Restaurant, the bar counter again contains integrated Applelec LED Light Sheet to illuminate the bottles displayed.

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Credits: Images courtesy of Foster + Partners and ChapmanBDSP


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