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We’ve been manufacturing our Applelec LED Light Sheet for over 15 years and although already an eco-friendly lighting solution thanks to the highly efficient LEDs, as an organisation we are constantly striving to reduce our impact on the environment.

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These values led us reviewing our light sheet and ask the question, could we do more? Could we tweak our light panel and modify its components to engineer a more sustainable lighting option?

The answer is yes.

Working closely with our R&D team in response to this we have created the design industry’s first, fully environmentally friendly LED light sheet.

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As with our other light panel option, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is engineered at our West Yorkshire premises, guaranteeing the same high-quality solution designers expect and trust from our backlighting product, but with the addition of eco-friendly properties.

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Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is manufactured at our West Yorkshire premises, helping to significantly reduce contribution towards global emissions when compared against similar lighting products being shipped from overseas, where inevitably the CO2 impact will be greater



Green Applelec LED Light Sheet has been designed so the unit can be completely disassembled to enable all elements of the lighting solution to be re-used or recycled


Our eco-friendly light panel is created from 100% r-MMA acrylic, which requires less water and carbon dioxide to manufacture, helping to reduce its contribution towards

-    CO2 emissions
-    Air acidification
-    Eutrophication

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Our Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) as well as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free, contributing to the preservation of our terrestrial and aquatic plant life

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Green Applelec LED Light Sheet is embedded with dc Certified, low wattage LEDs boasting 190lm/w, which makes them 35% more energy efficient when compared to standard LED options

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*In partnership with JUST ONE Tree

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