With temperatures reaching an all time high at a stagger 40.3°C in some areas of the UK this year, it’s time to act now in our fight against climate change. 

The UK government has mandated that every UK business must reach net-zero by 2050 or before and at Applelec Lighting we take our impact on the environment seriously.

With our Research and Development team (R&D), along with our Carbon Footprint Committee we are putting in place changes that can be made to our manufacturing procedures as well as product improvements to continue providing superior, brilliant lighting for our clients that promote sustainable design.

*figures taken from Met Office July 2022

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This has led to us pioneering breakthrough lighting solutions such as the design industry’s first, fully environmentally friendly light panel, Green Applelec LED Light Sheet, and working closely with SloanLED to constantly be updating our line of LED modules and systems to provide increasingly more energy efficient options.

Demonstrating our commitment to sustainable practices we are members of Design Conformity and Made in Britain Green Growth Programme

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*In partnership with JUST ONE Tree

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